Home inspection is a good career choice

Home inspection is an exciting new career choice which is fast opening up for South Africans. This process could now be accelerated and between 2 000 and 6 000 jobs for home inspectors may be created if home inspection became mandatory in South Africa, as recommended by Berry Everitt, MD of Chas…

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Poor drainage causes huge problems

HouseCheck home inspectors frequently encounter poor ground water management when inspecting houses.   This includes bad management of rain water from the roof and also incorrect ground levels and grading of the property.   Gerrie van Niekerk, Operations Director of HouseCheck points out that erf grading and drainage can have a significant…

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Water-damaged safety glass

Safety glass, which is used in larger windows and in sliding doors in South African houses, can be permanently damaged by water, if the seals around the glass pane are defective.   HouseCheck home inspectors often encounter this problem, which home buyers or sellers may think is simply dirt on the…

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How valid is your electrical CoC?

One of the most common complaints heard by HouseCheck inspectors is that the electrical compliance certificate issued at the time of transfer “is not worth the paper it is written on”. John Graham, CEO of HouseCheck explains that after 1994 the Department of Labour introduced sweeping internal management changes, which…

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Faulty geysers can be very dangerous

The most common problem HouseCheck inspectors find in South African homes is improperly installed hot water geysers. Our inspectors reckon that 70 per cent of  geyser installations are defective in some way. One of the most dangerous faults is the lack of a 20mm metal overflow pipe fitted to the…

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Damp damage on back of shower wall

Damp damage on the opposite side of a wall which encloses a shower is usually the result of a sealing or plumbing problem in the shower.   Common areas of water ingress from the shower are a leaking pipe or drain, a problem behind the bezel (shower tap cover) or poor…

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Moisture damaged safety glass

The safety glass glazing in the window shown has delaminated in places.   This is caused by water ingress between the two laminated glass sheets.   An examination of the rubber and aluminum beading of this windows showed that this area requires sealing with silicone.   Because of the cost factor it  was…

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Faulty wiring in the roof cavity

A HouseCheck inspection (normally paid for by the buyer) does not substitute for the compulsory electrical compliance certification (normally paid for by the seller).  However, HouseCheck inspectors are trained to spot and document problems with the electrical installation – such as this illegal cable joint in a roof cavity.  Lack…

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