More praise for HouseCheck

If you’re wondering whether it is worth  spending a few thousand rand on a HouseCheck report, then take a look at two thank you notes we received this week in response to home inspection reports prepared by Dawie de Lange, HouseCheck franchisee/inspector for clients in the Pretoria area: Thank you…

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How to diagnose damp problems

Damp damage to house walls is frequently encountered by HouseCheck inspectors.  HouseCheck inspectors are equipped with sensitive moisture meters which enable them to determine whether the visible damp damage is old, unrepaired, damp damage or whether the surface is still wet.  Wet surfaces indicate that the problem is on-going.  HouseCheck…

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Due diligence on sectional title units is vital

Prospective buyers should do a thorough due diligence of a sectional title property before committing to a purchase.    This should include both a condition inspection report (home inspection) and a due diligence of the body corporate. As most people know, a sectional title property differs from a freehold property in…

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Voetstoots leaves an expensive mess

An expensive mess for home buyers, resulting from a voetstoots clause, is well-illustrated by the reporting of an Appeal Court judgement in the Cape Times of 28 March 2013. The facts are: A thatch roof house in Gauteng was sold voetstoots.   Aware that thatch could be a problem, the buyers…

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Seller’s inspections help the sales process

A transparent willingness by the seller to opt for full disclosure of the condition of the home creates credibility for the seller and often helps facilitate the sales process, says John Graham CEO of HouseCheck. “House inspections are necessary for both the sellers and the buyer,” says Graham. “Sellers benefit…

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Estate agents now recommending home inspections

Home inspections have become an unstoppable trend in the South African real estate industry. More and more estate agents are recognising the need to increase transparency in the home buying process by way of supporting home inspections.  Estate agency MD, Berry Everitt, in fact, recently called for home inspections to…

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