Do you have problems with your geyser?

You are not alone. 80% of homes inspected by HouseCheck have problems with their geysers. In most cases these are hidden problems caused by unsatisfactory workmanship, bad installation or retrofitting of new geysers in older homes. This bad workmanship is surprisingly evident in new developments as well.

Badly fitted geysers can be dangerous…

 When pressure builds up in your geyser because there is no safety release, the tank can rapture and that super heated water just turns into steam. This instant conversion involves the volume of water in the geyser expanding up to 1600 times and the effect is spectacular explosion. Watch what happens in this YouTube clip below.

 That’s not the only danger…

 Although this sort of explosion is uncommon in modern water heaters, it is not impossible.

Far more likely and equally dangerous is a rupture resulting in scalding hot water running into your ceiling and making its way into rooms below when the ceiling suddenly collapses.

You don’t want that hot water on any of your family or pets. Imagine the devastation if that happens in the middle of the night when everyone is asleep.

 Other geyser concerns…

 In HouseCheck’s experience we see badly installed geysers cause a myriad of problems:
  • Rattling pipes in the roof cavity.
  • Bad water pressure.
  • Showers scalding or freezing people when another tap is opened elsewhere in the house.
  • Water marks on ceilings.
  • Very short geyser life.
  • Roof trusses bow or break from the weight of incorrectly installed geysers.
  • Leaks and incessant drips.

Due to demand, HouseCheck offers a geyser installation and safety check. We check if your geyser has been installed correctly and that the operational and safety requirements have been met.

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